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Rising demands for luxury integration coupled with a heavy market focus on automotive aesthetics and advances in technology for Automotive Intelligent Lighting are driving the demand for the market.

Automotive Intelligent Lighting Market Size – USD 26.22 Billion in 2019, Automotive Intelligent Lighting Market Growth - CAGR of 4.4%, Automotive Intelligent Lighting Market Trends – High demand for ADAS in the automotive sector.

Vancouver, B.C., May 05, 2020 - The Global Automotive Intelligent Lighting Market is projected to reach USD 37.26 billion in 2027. Strict policies of the government and growing security issues are likely to propel development over the forecast period. However, increasing customer awareness about the importance of automotive intelligent lighting, including dynamic bend light and a glare-free high beam, is also expected to have a positive effect on the demand for exterior lighting.

The industry is expected to be powered by increased apprehensions about using energy-efficient methods coupled with increasing customer disposable income. In addition, growing demand for automobiles and technical advancements in the automotive industry is expected to propel use. Owing to the rising number of total vehicles purchased y-o-y across BRIC nations, lucrative growth prospects are anticipated for new entrants in the industry. Legislative authorities, therefore, need to work with suppliers of light procurement technology to develop scalable design techniques.


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